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Tuesday Tidbits May 28th: Living Rooms

Looking at living room designs and decor is so much more fun when you know you'll be decorating your own living room soon!  I'm having so much fun looking at living room photo's thinking about how I'll decorate my living room. Picture found on pintrest

Don't you love the vibrant colors of the room above?

Pintrest find

I love the grounding feeling of this living room with the whites neutrals and the plants.

Pintrest find

The splash of blue among the browns is perfect.

Pintrest find

What's a living room without books?  Not to mention I'm really digging the paper balls lights.  I"m sure my soon to be living room will have some of those.

What are your living room must haves?

Lunch Time Delights!

I could be one of those people who works through lunch religiously.  All of the studies say that is not a good thing to do.  As a matter of fact it actually lowers productivity.  If I don't have a reason to leave for lunch, I'm ashamed to say I work through it.  Luckily for me I've got pets!  I hate the thought of Max having to hold it and hang out at the house alone all day while I'm at work.  So to ease my pet owning conscience and get away from the desk I run home to walk/pet/cuddle and hang out with my furry friends. Today happens to be on of those days, but in addition I'm using my lunch to blog (perks of living super close to work)!  When I got home I had a package on my door step from Amazon!  The books I ordered this weekend arrived!

Pema's Books!

I've got some Buddhist books on my reading list for tonight as you can see!

Babar is one of my all time favorite children's books!

I've also got this on the reading list! Children's books are pure pleasure to me. This is an extra treat for me to read tonight!  I'll probably read it out loud to the dogs, with voices and everything.

The dogs enjoyed the lunch time visit and even got to soak in some sun!

Sweet little queen of sheba!

Big Train!

Then I left them chillin on the bed ready for another nap while I head back to work. Wish I could join them...


In reality when I left the house, Mae had kicked Max off of the Bed (it's his bed mind you!) and they were both settled in.

What not to do and other random thoughts

E. B. White
E. B. White

I don't recommend getting up long before the sun rises, teaching three yoga classes in one day on top of an 8 hour shift at work.  I also don't recommend going out with a friend for a night cap until 11pm on that same day especially when you know your alarm is going to go off at 4:25am the next morning so that you can fit in a run.

But ... if you did those things, I hope that you enjoyed them thoroughly.  I certainly did.  I'm banking on an energy crash around 3pm.

Now for the random, I'm dreaming of chickens.  Yes, you heard me right, chickens.

Theses guys,


They are useful.  They eat bugs, like ticks and mosquitoes.  They produce yummy eggs that are good for eating.  lots of my friends seem to be raising chickens.  I feel a little green with envy.  I want some chickens. I think Max would like them.  He might try to play with them.  That could be a problem...

Odd fact about chickens and Wielfaert family women.  When my Grandpa Wielfaert passed away my Grandma got lonely and before she could handle dating again, instead of getting a dog or some other type of pet, she got chickens, a bunch of chickens.  It worked for her.  I think I understand why.

Back to the quote at the top of the page,

What will you do to change the world today?  And how will you have a good time doing it?