Sacrifice vs. Regret

01-24 2
01-24 2

Hey you! Yes, you! Smart, talented passionate you stuck behind a computer in a cubicle with grey walls doing a job that doesn't fill you up. I see you.  In fact I've been you.

You say yes to everyone besides yourself.  Pushing someone else's dream while you store yours in the wet dirty basement rotting.  WAKE UP! This is me giving you a virtual shake! NO ONE ELSE WILL BUILD YOUR DREAM FOR YOU.

Your life is not going to magically change on its own.  If you keep waiting for that dream guy, dream job, dream house to just drop into your life, well it's not gonna happen.  In fact, hell will freeze over first.  There are no quick fixes, there is no magic potion.

What if you died tomorrow?  I'm not being dramatic I'm being serious.  Life is short and I've said it before but nothing is promised.  Would you want to go to the grave knowing that you hadn't done all that you could to see your dream come to fruition?  Believe me, you've  got a purpose and you living with regret is far scarier than the hard choices you might have to make to bring your dream to life.  Don't live your life waiting for someone else to make something happen for you.

When I opened my yoga studio it wasn't convenient.  It was a risk, scary as hell, and a major pain in the ass! Working 7 days a week at the studio teaching the majority of the classes myself and still working my full-time job trying to give it 100% because that is what they pay me to do.  Yeah, that's not what I call easy, but it's what I call worth it.

Your dream will take sacrifice, dedication and drive.  It will not be easy, but what's scarier?  Sitting in the cubicle building someone else's empire with a false sense of security or living with regret?

You choose.