Get Uncomfortable


The theme of today's power flow yoga class was "Get uncomfortable".  Why?  Because yoga strips away our layers of defense, but it will do this in a subtle gentle way.  The practice of getting on your mat at home or in a challenging class will teach you how to sit with discomfort.  Yoga will give you an opportunity to watch what bubbles up inside you and sit with it, either good, bad, comfortable or uncomfortable.  Discomfort is a strong teacher.  At the heart of it the teacher, the Guru, is yourself.  You have to get quiet, still and centered to be open to the lessons that emerge in a yoga practice.  The practice of yoga will eventually over time teach you that it's perfectly ok even when things don't feel good.  We don't need to push away from things that are uncomfortable.

You've been there, you've felt it.  The place in the pit of your belly where your instinct to run comes from, the instinct to push away or mask our reality.  It's the desire to turn on music or TV, check Facebook, drink a few glasses of wine, or pop a prozac.  It's the instinct to make friends with anyone but yourself.  All of those defense mechanisms are ways for us to ignore what doesn't feel comfortable or pleasurable.  Life isn't supposed to be pleasant all of the time.  If it were you wouldn't learn anything. What would happen if you invited the discomfort, awkwardness and difficult feelings to come in?  What would happen if you sat with them and really looked at what they had to teach you?  I'd venture guess that the more you get uncomfortable, the more you'll be able to make friends with yourself.

I invite you to come take yoga classes with us at Greensboro Downtown Yoga. I invite you to challenge yourself to get uncomfortable in a new way.  I invite you to make friends with the shadow side of yourself, the darker places that might not always be pleasant to confront.  I can't promise you happiness and perfection, but I can offer you a new perspective.  This practice will help you make friends with yourself.