The New York Times Uses the F Word... Failure


Happy Friday My Dear

Do you have super fun plans for this holiday weekend?  I've got really really fun work plans this weekend :) 

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Here are this week's five things! 

1st)  I wrote a piece on worthiness and was looking for a magazine to submit it to when I stumbled upon this website Luna Luna.  This is a neat website/publication for women who have embraced the woo.  

2nd) This New York Times article "Talking About Failure is Crucial for Growth. Here's How to do it Right"  felt like it said all of the things I've tried to say in the past about failure.  

3rd) Right now I'm juggling three books, each night I pick a book to read 10 pages or so from (because that's about all I have time for).  These are the three I'm juggling
Eating In the Light of The Moon: How women can transform their relationships with food through myths, Metaphors, and storytelling.
A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle
Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson

4th) For those hard works out there, I thought you might need this. I could always use this reminder.  "Being More Than Being Useful" from On Being Project

5th) This week's Yoke and Abundance Wise Women podcast with Holli Ilderton "On Choosing Joy" inspired me and I hope it will inspire you too.  

Happy Friday!