Wise Women Wednesday: Audrey Sheldon


Q. Who are you? What is your background?  
A. My name is Audrey Sheldon. I’m  from Skaneateles NY originally and moved to Greensboro to go to UNCG where I received a BFA in Design. I grew up in rural upstate NY with parents and in a family that cultivated a deep love of home, land, gardens, horses, art, poetry, freedom, wildness, creativity, independance, music, good food, and education. I was a competitive figure skater growing up and that began my exploration of how moving the body can connect us deeply to the essence of who we truly are. I spent countless days roaming the land surrounding our home and exploring the lake that we lived near. I came home to a mother that endlessly reminded me of my gifts, talents and abilities and showed me what true love is. And sometimes the most beneficial way to love someone is to say no.  Both my parents taught me the value of healthy boundaries to protect my energy and creativity and how to be bright and beautiful in a world hell bent on attempting to control our minds and spirits.

Q. What is your work?
A. I am the founder of Free Spirits Yoga and the Inner Guide School. I am a Healer, Teacher and Facilitator utilizing tools from the Holy Science of Yoga, Usui & Holy Fire Reiki, Earth Wisdom, and Essential Oils. I offer private sessions, mentoring, consulting, weekly classes, workshops, and trainings.



Instagram: @suryaom

Q. What is one project you are excited to be working on right now?
A. I’m super excited about visioning and planning the next offering of the Inner Guide Apprenticeship Program. This is a program designed to inspire, challenge, transform and lead the participant to tools and experiences that initiate the intentional journey to the Inner Guide. What that means is for each participant to discover for themselves.  An experience of direct revelation. Indisputable. This is a process to discover the inner mystic that has been there all along waiting patiently to listen. Those interested in developing themselves for the purpose of serving their family, community and the world will be offered the opportunity to explore and develop the necessary tools to begin this journey from a safe and informed place based on personal knowing. The foundational teachings will come from Reiki, Yoga and Earth Wisdom.


Youthful Student.jpg

Q. What is one thing you've done recently that's scared you and took courage, but you're glad you did?
A. I left my full time job as the Manager of the Elm St location of the Green Bean as of March 15th. I had been there for 8 years.  I knew it was coming, my plan was to leave in September but about a month ago I heard “the voice” from within telling me that was the day I would be putting in my notice. I didn’t feel I was prepared at all but the guidance clearly told me it had to happen that day and I would have to fully and completely trust the process and know I was supported in my vision of being a full time Self Healing and Inner Guide Facilitator. What unfolded from that moment forward was nothing less than magical.  

Q. What is the work you most want to be doing and are you doing it?  If not, why not? What's stopping you?
A. My greatest passion in life is using my gifts, talents and abilities to help people discover their magnificence and inspire and support them to make necessary changes to live an abundant and authentic life. I am doing it, daily. No matter what role I’m playing this is what I’m here to do and I’m beyond blessed to have the opportunity in every moment of my life to do so.   


Q. What would you tell your high school or college self?
A. Relax and enjoy the ride. Skip University and go to Community college. Trust myself. I actually knew what I was doing even though it didn’t feel like it. Be gentle with peoples hearts, I didn’t know the effect I was having sometimes. But, overall I would just say “You’re doing awesome! I love you. Keep it up!”  

Q. What's one piece of advice or motto you love and use in your daily life that you would like to share with my sweet readers?
A. Keep your eyes on your own paper. This was a teaching that came to me through Spirit many years ago and it still resonates with me today. I’m here to do my own work and when I’m truly committed to that 100% what unfolds from that place it nothing less than amazing.


Q. What keeps you creating when you don't feel like it?
A. I have found that when that is happening I’m neglecting something that I really am needing. It means that the cup is running low and I need to tune in and be receptive. To listen to my Soul and what it is craving. Once I honor that request, the creativity flows freely once again. I also am a true believer in Cycles and Seasons. Not all seasons are once of production. Some are for planting the seeds, tending the seeds and then the harvest will come. We are taught in our culture that we have to always be “producing” and my feeling is that will inevitably lead to fallow fields. When I tend to my Soul's direction I am always creatively fertil when the muse arrives. But I also know I don’t dictate when that time comes, instead it’s my job to remain in a receptive state and tend to all that is being asked of my body, mind and spirit so that when that time arrives I’m ready.

Q. Anything else you'd like to share?
A. Trust Yourself. Implicitly. Follow the yellow brick road. Move towards the things that light you up. Care so much about how you feel that you advocate for yourself and learn to move towards what feels good and gentle and lovingly away from the things that don’t. Remember You are your own beneficiary, knight in shining armor, healer, and inspiration. All that you  need you already cary within you. You are magnificent just as you are.  

Q. What's your favorite yoga pose? 
A. Fish Pose - Matsyasana

Q. How do you live a life of abundance?
A. I aspire to live my life upon the fabric of surrender, trust and gratitude. Remembering that I am worthy and there is more than enough for all. Giving generously of the things that are available to me in the moment to give. And finally Allowing abundance to flow to me and from in in all areas of my life with grace and ease.