You Can Achieve Great Things Against Big Odds

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Happy Friday

Let's dive right into this week's 5 things! 

1st) Last Christmas I saw "The Greatest Showman" with my family and loved it!  Today I was reminded of one of the songs and ended up listening to the whole soundtrack while I knit this morning.  Sometimes you have to pause morning pages while you go off into another creative tangent.  This is a fantastic soundtrack and movie if you need to remember that you can achieve great things against big odds. 

2nd) What was I knitting this morning?  I'm working on the Cypress: a textured stitch tunic by Jared Flood.  But maybe don't drink wine and try this pattern.  It's more in-depth than a simple knit-purl stick and you might end up starting over more than once if you drink and knit... 

3rd) Have you seen this article by the New York Times: Forget a Fast Car Creativity is the Next Mid-Life Criss.  What do you think of it?  I've personally got a lot of opinions here, but I'd love to know what you think

4th)  With lots of holiday parties in full swing, if you like me hate small talk, then this is a great reminder of how to have a wonderful conversation at often uncomfortable holiday parties.  How a great conversation is like a game of catch. 

5th) A quote I'm pondering today... “Hearts are wild creatures, that's why our ribs are cages.” ― Elalusz

Happy Friday!