Stumbling blocks on the path


You don't decide you want to be great at something like blogging and then wake up into greatness.  Unfortunately for me it doesn't work like that.  It takes lots and lots of small steps.

Many of those small steps include stumbling, falling down and scrapping your knees.  In my head I've got these grand ideas of what I'd like to do with this blog and only about half the skills I need to make it happen right now.  This weekend I bought photo shop excited about a photo template Courtney Monaco shared on Broad and Main Designs a few months back.  I finally had pictures from Saturday's shoot that were pretty enough for such a neat template.  Turns out photoshop and templates (at least for this non-designer) are tricky.  I spent about 4 hours over the weekend playing with photo shop, watching you tube videos, and starting a beginner photoshop class on Skillshare simply trying to figure out how in the world to make one little template work.  I never got it, but that doesn't mean I won't get it.  I'm still taking my skillshare class and I plan on inviting a friend over for dinner who has some experience here.

The second thing I attempted with out luck was video taping a short yoga sequence to post.  That was going to be this mornings post for you, my first yoga video!  Don't get to excited...

I read the manual on taking video with my new camera, set it up on the tripod.  filmed a sun salutation to make sure it worked then filmed a 10 minutes post run sequence.  Unfortunately when I tried to play it back it wouldn't play back.  None of the little video's I shot would upload to my computer.  Hmmmnnn maybe it's safe to admit I'm slightly challenged when it comes to this technology stuff.

Never the less, these are great places for me to start.  I'm sure I can learn all of these skills and it will be a fabulous way for me to measure my progress.  Hopefully in this next week or so I'll be able to get you a yoga video instead of a picture of an empty mat.

Tootles, -A technology challenged Yogi

Aspiring Blogger


I'm at the door way into the next phase of a big life plan.  The yoga studio is a huge part of the ultimate life goals and the next phase is big time blogger.  Not a post here or there, but someone that is actually bringing you content that you can use and rely on.

For years I've aspired to be a "real blogger"  in the way that the velveteen rabbit or Pinocchio want to be real.  I have my blogging idols of course, Dannielle LaPorte, Bonnie Christine, and Kimberly Wilson to name a few.  These ladies rock the blogging world.  They've inspired me for years, and I hope that one day I can join their ranks.

All of them have their own personal vibe, and flavor.  I'm building my brand right now too with the help of the wonderful Courtney Malone at Broad and Main Design.

You've seen the beautiful inspiration boardshe brought together from images I think accurately represent what I'm trying to create for you at Yoke and Abundance.  That was just the first step.

Next step is the logo.

This morning I got the sneak peak, and WOWZA!!!  I'm impressed. Courtney found a way to bring out and connect all of the ideas I have for the blog.  Everything that I want to share with you in the way of yoga, creativity, art, and mindfulness, it's all there.

In the mean time, I'm honing new skills, photography, writing, yoga, learning photo shop (yikes!!) and trying to do it all mindfully.  There are big things in store for all of you and I can't wait to share it.

Sacrifice vs. Regret

01-24 2
01-24 2

Hey you! Yes, you! Smart, talented passionate you stuck behind a computer in a cubicle with grey walls doing a job that doesn't fill you up. I see you.  In fact I've been you.

You say yes to everyone besides yourself.  Pushing someone else's dream while you store yours in the wet dirty basement rotting.  WAKE UP! This is me giving you a virtual shake! NO ONE ELSE WILL BUILD YOUR DREAM FOR YOU.

Your life is not going to magically change on its own.  If you keep waiting for that dream guy, dream job, dream house to just drop into your life, well it's not gonna happen.  In fact, hell will freeze over first.  There are no quick fixes, there is no magic potion.

What if you died tomorrow?  I'm not being dramatic I'm being serious.  Life is short and I've said it before but nothing is promised.  Would you want to go to the grave knowing that you hadn't done all that you could to see your dream come to fruition?  Believe me, you've  got a purpose and you living with regret is far scarier than the hard choices you might have to make to bring your dream to life.  Don't live your life waiting for someone else to make something happen for you.

When I opened my yoga studio it wasn't convenient.  It was a risk, scary as hell, and a major pain in the ass! Working 7 days a week at the studio teaching the majority of the classes myself and still working my full-time job trying to give it 100% because that is what they pay me to do.  Yeah, that's not what I call easy, but it's what I call worth it.

Your dream will take sacrifice, dedication and drive.  It will not be easy, but what's scarier?  Sitting in the cubicle building someone else's empire with a false sense of security or living with regret?

You choose.

The not "fast" myth


As far back as I can remember I've thought of myself as not fast. I was on the cross country team in grade school (I confess I hated it at the time). Even in those grueling practices I never thought of myself as fast, it never felt like I had the "natural" talent other children had. I did not stick with the running in junior high or high school. College for me did not include the desire to run. When I got out of college I knew I needed to exercise so i ran, the cheapest sport I could think of. A way to bond with my dad. Something I could easily do after or before work without a lot of fuss. I never thought I'd actually like it or do more than 3 runs a week. Little did I know I had started a love affair with running and more importantly myself.

Some people do have natural ability in running, and that is awesome, I'm in awe of some of my friends who seem to make "fast" look easy. The funny thing is the more I get to know people who are "naturally fast" the more I see how hard they work, how dedicated, and committed they are to pushing themselves harder and faster or taking time off when they need to to.

I have two legs, I have big healthy lungs, a healthy heart, therefore I have a motor. What I know now is this is what I need to be fast. It's not more or less than any other runner out there. What is making the difference is commitment, dedication and now experience.

Running is often not easy for me, but I do it anyway. I don't often feel good while doing it. I often doubt my ability to improve. Once a run is over I never regret that I did it. It makes me feel strong and healthy. Every time I choose to run over not running I feel better about myself and I feel better about my body. Running has taught me to love myself and love my body.

Yesterday I ran the Glass City Half Marathon. I ran the best race of my life. 1:51 minutes is the unofficial time. I came in 20th in my field out of 221 women between the ages 30-34. I felt great. Not only did I feel great, I think I could do better by a lot.

What if I had told myself years ago that I was fast? What if my self talk had been "I can improve by leaps and bounds if I'm committed, and dedicated". What if I had believed in myself? Maybe I would be faster by now.

Yesterday was a taste of great things to come. I know I'm fast, I know I can be faster. Faster will require more dedication, more hard work and most importantly a belief that I can. I can and I believe that you can too.


Weekly Wrap up 12.06.13

Morning Pages Feet


Vision and Goal Setting with Holli

1 year anniversary

1 year anniversary class

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 5 yoga classes taught 2 private lessons ran 5 miles 6 days of writing morning pages 3 days of my own personal yoga practice worked 45 hours at Lincoln saturday afternoon read "The signature of all Things" by Elizabeth Gilbert got a spinach scone from Ollie's Bakery in Winston-Salem saturday morning Signed up for Yoga Sutra's workshop at the Asheville Yoga Center in January researched requirements for creating a 200 hour YA certified teacher training program at GCY cleaned my house top to bottom bought lamps to add light to many rooms in my house bought GCY a few chairs, rug and table Vision and Goal setting evening with my friend Holli from Lululemon penned little things prepared and celebrated the studio's 1 year anniversary Work event at Europa

Weekend Wish List

Run the mistletoe half-marathon in Winston Salem Go to a baby shower for a friend Art Journal Attend the next super underground dining dinner go see the Dallas Buyers Club