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by Alisha Wielfaert


Welcome to Yoke and Abundance


Feeling stuck or frustrated?
Wish your job aligned more closely with your personal core values?

I've been there, and I know that getting clear on what you want and why you want it is a powerful first step. 
Together we'll create a road map to take you where you want to go.




Yoke and Abundance provides Leadership, Life, and Creativity Coaching

You can find more information on the heart of our business here.



When was the last time you felt excited about your work? I know what it feels like not to be doing work that fills you up.  I assure you if you want to make a change there are possibilities.

Are you thinking about retirement, or experiencing another life transition?  Maybe you're going through a divorce, the kids just left the nest or you're wondering if there's a greater purpose to your life?  Sometimes we all need a guide, someone to walk with us, lend a listening ear and help us come up with a plan.  




Looking for a presenter for your next engagement?  I speak regularly to different groups, and love sharing my life story, passion for yoga and experience growing a community oriented business.

Need a break?  When was the last time you focused on yourself?  
Our luxury retreats are curated to bring you back into alignment with your head, heart and soul.  Gift yourself the time, and space space to relax in an exotic location with like minded women.  

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    Hi, I'm Alisha!

    Welcome! Pour yourself a cup of coffee and pull up a chair.  I have a feeling you've landed in just the right place.  

    I'm a leadership, life and creativity coach who specializes in working with women just like you.  I do this work because my purpose in life is to use my curiosity, empathy and listening skills to walk as a guide with fellow women seekers like you on your path towards clarity of purpose.  I'm the compass to point you towards your north to ensure you fully step into your own power.  


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