Welcome to Yoke and Abundance

Do you have lots of big goals and dreams?  Are you looking for help to narrow your focus and build a road map to achieving those goals and dreams with creativity and style?  I coach many women just like you who know they are meant to do more than work in corporate America.  I'll help you narrow your focus, create a road map to get there and help with accountability.  

Coaching and Mentoring Program

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Would you like to get in touch with your body, learn to relax, gain practical strength, as well as learn to embrace the joy of each moment? Check out my videos or book a private yoga lesson with with me. 

You've got big plans, dreams and goals.   Maybe a book you want to write, a business you'd like to start? maybe a new daily yoga routine you'd like to incorporate into your life.  I'm the queen making a plan and getting things done.  If you want a listening ear to bounce ideas off of or someone to help you get clear on your dreams and goals and to help you make a plan to get it done then you're in the right place.    

Looking for a presenter for your next engagement?  I speak regularly to different groups, and love sharing my life story, passion for yoga and experience growing a community oriented business.

What does the name Yoke and Abundance come from?