Episode 21: Shift from Competition to Collaboration

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In this episode, Alisha Interviews Jen Oleniczak Brown

Alisha talks to Jen Oleniczak Brown about the importance of building your own brand, and shifting from competition to collaboration.

Episode 20 Notes:

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Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  
Creator of the Engaging Educator
Lots of judging around how we woman
Uncomfortable to be a brand
Understanding that together your better
Don’t worry about the competition
What makes you different?
If you really want it, you’ll find a way to get it
We do make things happen
We are a hard-working bunch
Currency comes in all forms
No one’s a stranger
Shifting out of competition into collaboration
Walking a tight-rope to portray success
A person includes a shadow side
Stay the course.
Unhumble yourself
Applaud those doing well
Shine theory
Rising tide
The people who get the most upset with your boundaries are the ones who have none.
No one knows what they’re doing