Episode 29: Learning to Express Healthy Boundaries

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In this episode, Alisha interviews Andra West LeBauer on self-care, Mindfulness and learning to express boundaries.

Check out the additional link below to listen to the meditation Andra made you called “Roots and Branches” a loving kindness guided meditation.

Episode 29 Notes:

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Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  
Mindful life coach
Boundaries coach
Helping women have deep meaningful relationships around deep meaningful relationships and self care.
Self-care beyond the bubble Bath: Put an hour of time on your calendar that’s not scheduled.  Take a nap
Self-care is understanding what your needs are and doing practices that help you get in touch with what your needs are. 
The pace of life is breakneck.
You have to be mindful to not work and take time to do nothing
I get to choose myself first
The unplug box: Take your deceives, put them in the box and set them aside. Choose not to check messages and facebook.
Prioritize being a present person for the people in your life.
If we don’t advocate for space and presence with our loved ones it will pull us in.
A lot of us don’t know what our boundaries are.
You can express boundaries in a loving and compassionate way.
The Universe puts the work in front of us
How do we express what we know out into the world.
What’s in the way, is the way.
Empaths don’t always say what they need to say.
In expressing options there are a couple options 1st: You do nothing 2nd: Passive aggressive boundary 3rd: reactive boundary 4th: Proactive boundary when we are able to say ahead of time, this is important to me, or this is coming up for me.
When you have a person you don’t have a loving friendship with that you don’t like or get along with, what do you do if they are pushing your buttons?  The person becomes the path.  An opportunity to practice.
You can let other people see you exactly as you are, and those that are meant to be a part of your path will stay. 
You can’t live your life hoping to please everyone and hoping that everyone is going to like you.
Let people say what they need to say even if it’s wrong.
Let people be who they are, and be who you are
Remember to start over every morning.
Don’t be somewhere else when your life is happening.