Episode 37: Made With Love

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In this episode, Alisha interviews Karen Archia about creating a community at the people’s perk, brewing with love and all things creativity.

Journaling Prompts from Episode 37

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Episode 37 Notes:

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Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  
People’s Perk
Business owner
Paintings resonate with people
It’s not that it’s easy, it’s work and effort.  It feels right
Nothing worth having comes easily, but there is a flow to things the more you’re in your authentic self.
Don’t have a life I feel the need to escape from
The more I invest the return is even greater
People will heal you if you allow them
When we open ourselves up and are vulnerable and people respond
Creating an experience for people
A lost customer is worse than lost money
You have to recognize who you are and what you value
It’s important to have a truth-teller
Swallow the bitter medicine to get to where you want to go.
Life is bitter-sweet, there is a whole-ism
Drinks are about balance, resist the urge to put to much sweet stuff in.
Life is an experience
If you ask for support people will help you
People are rooting for me
Building a community
People can bring themselves to the painting and make it there own.
My paintings are about something
Creativity is a bringing forth of what’s authentically in you.
Everyone has a creative spirit and it has to be nurtured.
Creativity brings life to everything you do.  It is life and everyone has an ability to express it in some way. It has to be something that’s nurtured.
I have everything I need and there’s no scarcity of love or resources.  It’s about finding your way and acknowledging the gifts that everyone gives you. 
Essentially we are all spiritual energy.