Episode 55: I'm Just A Light Inside

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In this episode, Alisha has a conversation with comedian Darah Willey about how sadness inspires comedy, female facial hair, and believing that what our heart tells us is right.

Journaling Prompts from Episode 55

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Episode 55 Notes:

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Stand-up comedian, Stay at home mom, Wife, writer, smiley,
Sadness inspires her comedy
A lot of people lean into their darkness in a creative way.
Co-creator of shifting lens
It doesn’t matter, I’m just a light inside
Grappling with tough issues through comedy
Race isn’t real
Being a sexual person is part of the cool shit of life
“Rocking my mustache today”
Facial hair has always been so taboo
“When my baby was born I wanted them to have an idea of naturalness.”
Eye’s up here comedy
Don’t give up on the stage
Don’t take everything so personally
The sign is: What makes your heart beat?  What makes your heart jump?
I am naturally the center of attention
Don’t take anything personal
How do you like to be loved?
Pulling the rug out from under you and inviting you to sit down because we’re all the same.
Believing that what my heart tells me is right
I’m good for the economy
Scuppernong books shout out
My Time is coming because I’m taking the time to answer my calling

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