Episode 58: What is Your Definition of Success?


In this episode, Alisha talks about embracing failure on the way to success, how social media doesn’t share the full story and the importance of defining what failure and success are to you.

Journaling Prompts from Episode 58

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Episode 58 Notes:

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In Ohio for the weekend
Looking for the FOX
Filing for Bankruptcy
Officially worth nothing from a financial perspective
Not letting your finances affect who you are on the inside
What’s in your bank account or not in your bank account doesn’t get to define you
What would I tell one of my clients if they were in the situation I’m in
What is success?  What is failure?
Successful Wise Women Panel
Knowing your work has a powerful impact on the people I work with, connects others, highlights a diverse perspective of women
Outwardly the business looking like it’s doing well, but it’s still in the start-up and cashflow is difficult.
Mono tasking while on a 10 hour drive
The Movie the Greatest Showman
Anyone who’s ever made fun of or tried to do something hard can relate to the song “This is me” from the greatest showman. 
Outwardly things look great, but business and entrepreneurship is tough.
Entrepreneurship is up and down and back and forth. 
Don’t dwell in what isn’t going well or things that you can’t change. I have not yet defined success for myself yet. 
One of the most important things I can do for myself is get clear for me what success means, and how I am measuring it. 
Want to make a significant impact in my community
The hope of entrepreneurship is that you’ll work back to be able to provide for yourself but also be able to give back.
What’s my definition of failure?
Success comes from failing, failing, failing. 
You can only become a success by embracing failure.
What are the important benchmarks that you’re hitting that are powerful that are making a difference?
What is your definition of success?  What is success to you?
What are your stepping stones to success?
Action Items: Define failure for you. Define success for you.  Watch the Greatest Showman, Listen to the song this is me

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