June Special: 25% off a Power Hour When Paired with a Year Ahead Spread

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A client messaged me today letting me know that the year ahead spread she received from me last fall still felt spot on for her every single month so far this year. 

It reminded me what a powerful tool the year ahead spread can be. We’re midway through the year and this is a great time to get a year ahead spread especially if you’re never had one before. If you purchase it now your spread would represent June 2019-May 2020. 

Like a fantastic glass of wine with a delicious meal, a year ahead spread pairs perfectly with a Power Hour coaching session. Looking at a year ahead spread during a power hour gives you a different lens to talk about where you are and where you want to be. It’s a powerful game changer.

Because it’s summer time and we can all use a reset and calibration if you purchase a year ahead spread with a power hour you can take 25% off your power hour with the CODE SUMMMERRESET25 

This offer is only good through June. 
Purchase a Power Hour Here

Purchase a Year Ahead Spread Here

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