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According to an article in the Huffington post over 900 million people in the world feel unfulfilled in their work.

Let that sink in a moment…

And if that’s not bad enough, 71% of Americans are looking for a different job.

Significant dissatisfaction in our work and in our lives is costing us, it’s costing us earning potential, the stress of it is costing us our health, it puts strain on our relationships with our family and friends but most importantly dissatisfaction in work and life often is most damaging to our relationship with ourselves.

Specially designed coaching with me uses creativity, journaling, worksheets, and strategic questions and reflections to help you identify exactly what you’re dissatisfied with, it will teach you how to identify and strengthen what’s most important to you, and it will help you build the road map from where you are to your biggest dreams and your most impactful life of purpose

What would your life look like if you could feel more connected to your purpose? What would your life look like if you felt more connected to what gives life meaning for you? It’s more than possible to feel fulfilled in your work and in your life. Through my coaching program you will strength your connection with your friends and family, but most importantly you’ll strengthen and cultive the most important relationship you’ll ever have, your relationship with yourself.

To take advantage of this summer align and Shine flash sale with 30% off my 9 session coaching package

Either: Apply here for your free 30 minute discovery call

or if you’re ready to connect to your purpose, your meaning, strength your relationship with others and yourself, then purchase your 9 session coaching program here. Take 30% off now through Sunday June 23rd using the code ALIGNANDSHINE

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