Podcast Episode 4: The Power of Informational Interviews

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In this episode, Alisha talks with the young emerging leader Hilda Tajalli.

Hilda is a young professional in Greensboro with a passion for community development, social justice, and community building.  

In this episode, learn how Hilda has become a master connector through the power of the informational interview.  Hilda talks about the importance of getting curious about other people's stories.   

Episode Notes:

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Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  

NCCJ: Fighting bigotry and bias and racism.  
Getting curious about other peoples stories
Informational interviews
Knowing when to let other people lead
Helping others feel like they are a part of something greater
Your wealth comes from your health
Spread love everywhere you go
Feedback is crucial
Surround yourself with people who lift you higher
Stop comparing yourself to others. 
Remember to spread love and be the best version of yourself.  You can't change everything but you can see love.