Podcast Episode 5: Choosing Joy Every day, Especially in Work

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In this episode, Alisha talks with Lululemon Senior Store manager Holli Ilderton

Holli is a pillar of the Greensboro athletic community, a woman who listens to her intuition by choosing joy.  

In this episode, learn how Holli leads a life by design instead of simply letting life happen.  Hear what it's like working for a predominately female company and the importance of surrounding yourself with a community that wants to do self work.  

Episode Notes:

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Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  
Trusting your intuition in a new way
Taking a sabbatical from work
Year of self-discovery and joy
Leaning into the joy is what allowed her to feel intuitive.  
Choosing joy on a daily basis.  Even in work tasks.  Choosing to find joy in the everyday. 
Joy in big or little things.  
Joy and stress.  
Healthy stress
Stress facilitates growth
Danielle Laport and desire map
Create your life instead of letting it be something that happens to you
Tools, establishing core values.  
What it’s like working for a large predominately female company
Why are you doing what you’re doing every day?  
Having a stellar day planner
Taking time for reflection
Importance of surrounding yourself with a community of those wanting to do this work.  
Living a life on purpose.  Living a life by design.  Being in alignment with who you are and what you’re doing.  
Candor and courage
Not afraid to have difficult conversations.  Willingness to have them
The struggle with self-confidence
There is value in what you see and what you experience
My purpose is to empower others and the seat of that comes from my ability to empower myself.  Self-confidence has been a struggle
Own who you are “You can do anything”
The drive to be a good girl
Fear of looking like a failure
Divorce and public failure can be freeing
“Show up shine and let it go” -Danielle LaporteFeeling value through esthetic beauty
We give back to the world through creativity  
Yoga has taught presence.  Just be quiet
Spend time in silence because that’s when the inner being speaks.