Podcast Episode 6: The Messiness of Entrepreneurship

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In this episode, the tables are turned and Alisha is interviewed by Wise Woman Whitney Brooks

Alisha is the founder of Yoke and Abundance, she's a Creative Leadership Coach and Champion of women.  We had a suspicion you might want to know more about the host of the Yoke and Abundance Wise Women Podcast.  If you've been wondering who Alisha is, or where the Wise Women interviews and podcast came from, or even what inspires Alisha this podcast will give you a peek under the hood.  

In this episode, learn how Alisha defines creativity, where she gleans her inspiration and what she would tell her younger and older self. 

Episode Notes:

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Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  
Walking the liminal space of life: Intuition and magic
Walking the line between corporate America and Hippie
The journey from corporate America into entrepreneurship
Creating your own structure
The messiness of entrepreneurship
Corporate America does prepare you for how hard it is in Entrepreneurship
Community in Entrepreneurship
Building a community
Bringing people together
Knitting a tapestry of community
Getting support from your community
Your strengths and weaknesses become amplified as an entrepreneur
You can’t stick your head in the sand as an entrepreneur
Entrepreneurship is real life happening in real time
Yogic philosophy is who I am and how I live my life
Do no harm, meditate
Your Yoke is your responsibility.  What’s your Yoke?  What’s your responsibility, what yoke do you choose?
What do you do with Jealousy, Frustration, anger
Do all women feel a sense of competition with one another?
Women and self-worth
You are worthy and all of the striving you are doing is never going to prove anything to anyone
You are worthy of whatever you want
Robert Ingersoll said “We rise by lifting others” and by sharing your truth you lift others
Balancing Masculine and feminine energy
Alisha Define’s Creativity as the expression of everything she does
Everyone is a creative being
Curating our lives
The way we express our lives is creativity
When you’re passionate about something creativity is born
The F Word… Failure.  If you can’t own the fact that you failed you can’t learn
Being true to what happens is important
The shame of failure is better than the shame of regret
Fear, failure, and failing forward…
"Go after what you want eyes wide open, failure is a part of the process"
Set yourself up for success and failure because it’s part of the process
Fear setting is just as important as goal setting
Fear is a way of getting our attention.  Fear is a signal that there is a lesson
Getting quiet and leaving room for the magic
Inspired by exercise.  Really inspired by women succeeding.
Alisha's love of Children's books especially.  The book Mrs. Rumphis by Barbara Cooney
Travel the world, it’s important to self-development and growth
Cultivating creativity seaside retreat
We get to choose the life we want to be living
We can choose to sit up and meditate at the end of the night
Holding your boundaries
Friend-Raising not networking