Episode 10: Stepping Into The Title of Artist

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In this episode, Alisha Interviews Christina Brown. 

Alisha talks to Christina Brown about honoring herself as an artist and owning the title of artist and what it means to just go be creative, have fun, and play.

Episode Notes:

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Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  
It feels vulnerable to tell your own story
Animal Spirit Cards came from Christina Brown’s Shop
Asks for Wisdom on the journey
Seeing yourself as an empath
Late Blooming path
Learning to embrace being a mistake maker
It’s not about being perfect
Life so far in three stages
Journey home to self
Shedding the protective layer:  Coming into the whole
It’s powerful to step into yourself without walls up
Stepping into a spiritual practice
Sacred Ceremony
Not handling Grief well using alcohol to hide
Healthy handleing of Grief going to mediation, journaling holding the hands of your friends. 
A practice of stillness
Lighting incense at the time beginning of writing time
Owning the title of artist
Beginning to value myself
Why do we hide what’s awesome
Own who you are and what you’re doing
If you light your own candle it becomes a torch for others
Folk art School Penland
Honor yourself as an artist
Allow yourself to be in process
Just play and have fun with it
Being an entrepreneur and Artist at the same time
Space and time and quiet to just make
Be more intentional with time and Listen to my body
Give space for what I need and let things go
Bringing Women together in Sacred Circle
Scared and doing it anyway and it’s getting easier
The most beautiful things we create come from saying I don’t know how to do this but I’m doing it.
Beginners mind has wisdom that is powerful
Sometimes layers of confidence cloud the knowing
New moon and Full moon meetings
When you are being alive, together, sharing and being vulnerable that is sacred
Take Time for stillness
Have fun, don’t worry so much, and cultivate deep friendships
Quote: “beloved, Beloved, be loved.  Be love, be in the moment.  You can just be”. 
Trying to be in Flow and just listen