Episode 11: Figuring it Out and Taking a First Step Into Imperfection

Episode 11 Figuring it Out and Taking the First Step Into Imperfection.jpg

In this episode, Alisha Interviews Shermikia Lemon. 

Alisha talks to Shermikia Lemon about keeping a positive mindset, about just figuring it out and taking the first step into imperfection.

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Episode Notes:

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Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  
Figuring it out
It doesn’t have to be perfect
Don’t wait for perfection
Take the first step into imperfection
Be careful with your thoughts
Walk in thinking I’m going to do my very best
Our brains have a negativity bias, The antidote is having a positive mindset.
In Buddhism Suffering is defined as wanting things to be different from how they are. 
Not being wounded healers
Knowing your boundries
Connect with your audience
Simon Seniek Quote “People don’t sell what you’re selling, they buy why you’re selling it”
Start with the end in mind
Know your purpose and why
The importance of journaling
Life is beautiful with the good and the bad. 
There are going to be ups and downs
Mistakes are going to be made
Be careful with your thoughts
What part did I play if something is off
Don’t take things so personally
People are going through things that they never talk about
It’s not about you. 
Know that people are going through things
People are going through things that having nothing to do with you