Episode 12: Wellness, Wellbeing, and Mindful Leadership

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In this episode, Alisha Interviews Whitney Brooks. 

Alisha talks to Whitney Brooks about being intentional, Wellness, Wellbeing and Mindful Leadership.

Visit Whitney’s website Grace Wit and Wonder

Episode Notes:

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Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  
The Beauty of age
How do you come back to your purpose?
Be more intentional from the outset
Exercise in the morning.  Being active
Set your intention for the day.
Make sure it aligns with your overall purpose.
Building own integrative Health coaching practice: Grace Wit and Wonder
Helping build healthy habits.
Wellness and wellbeing
We think of other folks wellbeing but not our own
Mindful leadership
Building up to a moment without noticing it
Women should have a strong and visible voice
Be a younger female voice on city council
Bring a new voice into leadership
Step into your own power
Getting over the fear of putting myself out there
Believing that I am a great editor and writer
Being a great listener and empathetic
Don’t try to solve problems for people, but helping them figure out how to solve their own problems. 
Coaching helps create space for what needs to come in and then how to bring it in.
Everything is a practice: Life is a practice
Every good therapist and every good councilor has a counselor or therapist.