Episode 14: "Chill Out Girl-Friend"

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In this episode, Alisha Interviews Danielle Forest

Alisha talks to Danielle Forrest about being a multi-passionate entrepreneur and how to honor yourself and your feelings as an entrepreneur

Visit Dani’s website DaniForrest.com

Episode 14 Notes:

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Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  
Multi-passionate entrepreneur
Focusing on the parts of work that you really like
Project manager and strategy
Take ten steps back and look at this from 30 thousand feet
Story Brand outline
How to deal with the uncertainty of entrepreneurship
Book: Getting out of your mind and into your life
Abundance mindset with money, work and time
Lack of time is a myth
Stepping back from a project
How to interrupt the what if pattern
Starting a business is hard
Let joy be front in center in your life
How to bring more joy into your life
Being present with people
“Chill out Girlfriend”
When people say “Why don’t you just get a job?”
“To thine own self be true”
Being in the flow
Have to move my body
There’s more there’s enough
What you focus on grows
Always have the willingness dial up
Honor your feelings
Meet yourself where you’re at
Thank the thought good back or indifference