Episode 15: Slow the Bleep Down

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In this episode, Alisha Interviews Katie Marshall

Alisha talks to Katie Marshall about authenticity in entrepreneurship, slowing down and understanding that when there are valley’s there will also be peaks.

Visit Katie’s Website at Creative Machine Consulting

Episode 14 Notes:

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Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  
The creative Machine
Flow of Communication
Slow Down
Slow the Bleep down!
Tools to rest
Rest Guilt
You are your business, if you are sick and you are down you can’t serve your business.
How do you follow the call of your heart. 
No matter how far you go, you are always coming back home
Sometimes you have to not be brave to be brave later. 
When you feel unqualified to step up and say that’s not right
You get the call to start the business, a project, or stand with someone who needs you.  Take the first step even when you can’t see the rest of the steps. 
Authenticity in business.  Painting a picture of valley’s and peaks. 
Hard stuff and amazing stuff comes at the same time
Trying to stay positive as an entrepreneur
Peaks and valley’s of entrepreneurship
Your work is not your worth and no one can give that to you, that’s only a gift that you can give yourself. 
A recipe for a rough day.  A playbook for a bad day
The award at the grammy’s for the best new artist is really for the person who’s been grinding the past 20 years. 
Communication is an action, something that you do and you have to ask for it and be persistent
Separate yourself out from your business, and it will help when you get the no’s
Thanking your past self because she really did her best.
Not doing something because you thought you weren’t allowed
How do we embrace what we ask for?  Present moment awareness.  Be the observer of your own experience