Episode 19: I Am More Than Enough

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In this episode, Alisha Interviews Jada Monica Drew

Alisha talks to Jada about where her entrepreneur mindset came from and how she is more than enough.

You Can visit Jada’s Website here: Social Designs

Episode 19 Notes:

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Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  
Always give back, always help people, and always get your listen. 
Catalyze people’s growth
Finding ways to pull out what people don’t want to pull out of themselves because of fear. 
Social Designs
Design thinking, a way of teaching and facilitating.  It helps people go through empathy, design, create, and testing what you create.
Being the person to bring harmony within the group
Building down time in the calendar
Not having a creative process.   Not a linear process
Bloom inclusion
Inclusion isn’t about meeting a number, it’s about building the capacity for everyone to thrive. 
Growing up around entrepreneurs
Lover’s Lane Greeting card company
Young Entrepreneur
Finding creativity in building workshops
Teaching in a way that brings people to information in a way that they have agency and practice.
Connection, coaching, psychology
Jada Monica Drew Book “More than enough”
Being more than enough as a woman.
Empower, motivate and teach about the intersectionality of women.
I am more than enough
Take more risks.  Do more things with people you wouldn’t normally
Always becoming
Learning a new language
Growth Mindset