Episode 18: On a Quest for Better Questions to Live

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In this episode, Alisha Interviews Maia Dery

Alisha talks to Maia Dery about Ocean Centered Wisdom, being on a quest to live better questions, and the power of getting to suck at something.

You Can visit Maia’s Website and learn more about her surfing retreat here: Waves to Wisdom

Episode 18 Notes:

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Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  
Leaving a 17 year career.
Helping people create a more inspired vision for their lives
Coach, retreat facilitator,
Ocean Centered Wisdom Practices
Guide and facilitator
Learning to surf at 40
Waves to Wisdom
A culture that discourages creative practices
We live in a culture that has a productivity fetish
Producing all the time without the ability to experience
Hesitant with the animal spirit cards
The idea of Spirit and interaction with animals tends towards the sacred
I have never been on a quest for answers, but I’ve been a quest for better questions. 
Long and complicated emotional relationship with spirituality
Word geek.
Part of a whole, inextricably connected. 
Getting to suck at something.
Humbling to be a beginner
Nothing like a wave coming at you to shut your inner critic up
You’re gonna fail more than you succeed and any creative process can be defined that way
The practice of working to achieve what you’re seeking in that moment and committing wholly to that practice is the matter of it. 
Creativity happens anywhere we are
The Question is not “how do we define creativity”, it’s how do we recognize it. 
Artificial barriers and healthy boundaries
Barriers are a tool
Poetry and physics has everything to do with us!
Two universal solvents are love and water and if you bring those to any barrier you can dissolve it.
Surfing is a way to achieve a state of flow.
Book called: Stealing Fire
Surfing is a profoundly connected activity
There are consequences for poor decision making in Surfing. 
Letters to a young poet:  It’s time for you to live the questions
One of the results of busyness is that we’ve got flabby muscles when it comes to being still in ourselves. 
These experiences where you have to get out of yourself they allow you to have  creative prompt that when you respond, if you don’t think too hard, are profound beautiful and guiding.
Teaching people how to fail fast and hard, over and over again. 
Unless you’re willing to fail in whatever ugly way you can think of you’re not going to succeed. 
If you’re not willing to fail, you might miss out on the joy. 
Failure doesn’t have to be terrifying
The playful joy of creativity
An obligation as a species to survive