Episode 26: SheWolf, The Power of the Pack

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In this episode, Alisha Interviews Jordan Lacenski founder of SheWolf Collaborative.

Alisha talks to Jordan about entrepreneurship, calling it like it is, and the power of the pack.

Episode 26 Notes:

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Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  
Never thought I’d be an entrepreneur.
Brand Boss Creative: Branding Firm
The Power of Girl’s Poker Night
What does a brand look like that celebrates women owned businesses?
Seeing one’s most true self-Balancing the ego
Being real
I can conquer big things
It’s hard not to take things personally
Always needing to balance our ego.
Naming the reality of things doesn’t mean you’re not positive.
Danielle Laporte says “Name it so you can tame it”
Unless you’re willing to address what’s wrong you can’t tame it. Willing to be real.  Willing to take off the mask to be who you are. 
Shewolf: A membership community
Having go-to gals that you can talk to.  Having your personal board of directors.  Community that will celebrate success with you, but willing to be real with you.
How do you know the people you need on your board.
Having a community of women in business who have gone through what you’ve already gone through. 
Entrepreneurship is an island. 
The more you niche the better off you are. 
We’re hungry to learn how to succeed.