Episode 27: Make a Big Impact in Your Community

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In this episode, Alisha Interviews Jodee Ruppel

Alisha talks to Jodee about giving back to your community, leadership and embracing your quirks.

Episode 27 Notes:

Sponsor: Triad Local First

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Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  
5x5 consulting
Future Fund of Greensboro
Non-Profit meets shark-tank
Young philanthropist 
Your dollar is a vote
Give back to your community that gives you so much
It all comes back full circle. 
The midwestern mindset
Imposter syndrome 
SheWolf Collaborative
It’s ok to want to make money
No one in business wants to be a lone wolf.
FFA Blue Jackets
FFA is the largest leadership organization in the country
Don’t burn bridges
Embrace your quirks
Embrace who you are, own it, love it, run with it. 
Be who you are
Get comfortable with who you are
Be authentic
The quirky things that make you who you are, let them be. 
Be where you can bring your best self forward
Seeing the value in everything and everyone.