Episode 31: Leadership and your story

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In this episode, you’re invited to join us in listening to today’s interview with Zitty Nxumalo where we talk about leadership, entrepreneurship, and who are we really?

Today’s episode inspired 3 journal prompts we wanted to share with you.

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Episode 31 Notes:

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Journaling Questions from Today’s Episode:
1st: What’s Your Story?
2nd: What stories have you been told about yourself that you’ve believed and have hindered your success? What story about yourself can you drop?
3rd: Who are you outside of work, outside of achievement?

Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  
Really connecting with people’s stories
What stories were you told that hindered your ability to show up and succeed
Deftable: Clever agile skilled
PHD in leadership studies
Achievement oriented (Journaling Question: Who are you outside of work and achievement?)
The Four Agreements: Don’t take anything personally (Journaling Question: What are you taking personally and how can you reframe it or let it go?)
Story time and Wine
Listening and hearing other people’s stories.  Listening and getting safely curious about other people’s stories
Being grateful for the people who have disrupted my own beliefs
Take it one person and one interaction at a time.
Be humanity and introduce it into spaces where it isn’t
Not unusual as an entrepreneur or start up to be financially unstable. 
Alone is ok!