Episode 34: Bring Your Whole Self To Work

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In this episode, Alisha interviews Anessa Fike about what makes a company great, what to do if you want to change jobs and how to create a good company culture.

Journaling Prompts from Episode 34

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Episode 34 Notes:

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Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  
Anessa Fike, Owner of Fike and Co.
Mom, Wife, busy over achiever
Empowering Women Businesses
Empowered Women empower Women
Fike and Co. Talent Acquisition and people culture in companies, HR team
The ability to think 12 steps ahead of everyone else.
What makes a company culture great?
What makes your company different?
Know your company’s core values
Make sure your employees know the company’s core values and everyone buys in
When there is joy it’s apparent
Make sure that people feel heard and recognized
For every positive recognition an employee get’s they will give you an extra 10 hours of production
A company culture is a living breathing thing
Feedback should be a regular part of your culture.  A routine that people don’t even think about.
Be a culture of recognition
Part of your job is to make recognition a part of your routine.
Schedule recognition
Can we recognize ourselves
Bringing your whole self to work
Psychological safety
If you’re sending the same resume out to many different employers you’re doing it wrong
Take the skill you’ve learned from other industries and put it on your resume as if you were already in the industry. 
Make your resume speak to that company
It’s a candidate market but it’s still going to take time to find the right job.
Make sure you’re aligned and that you’re asking good questions too
Informational Interviews are important
When people know their stuff it comes through.
Think about what companies need and be that person for them.
Keep being yourself and don’t dull your sparkles for other people. 
Don’t apologize for who you are.