Episode 35: Persist

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In this episode, Alisha interviews Marley Parker on deciding to become an adventurer, spending the rest of your life becoming who you want to be, and making every day an expedition.

Journaling Prompts from Episode 35

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Episode 35 Notes:

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Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  
Science journalist: science communicator, professional adventurer
Living on a ship means being able to leave your bullshit at the door
Can you zoom out.  In two days, two weeks or a month with whatever someone said to me mean something.
Did you decide to be an adventurer?
10 days climbing up and down a volcano
Certified Scuba diver
Preparing and qualified to do expedition work. 
Learning to fly drones
Taking a mountaineering course
Being outside on a volcano outside all day every day
Personal and professional life ending in a profound way
You changed your life, you came home and did all those things that changed your life
Be patient with yourself
I will spend the rest of my life becoming who I want to be
There is great value in constant evolution
Being patient adaptable and allowing yourself to evolve
Scientific diver certified
How can you not get passionate about science?
Spent over 100 days at sea
How to exercise on a boat
Dianna Niad’s book is “Find a Way”
Circumnavigating the Antarctic
Make every day an expedition
Be really excited because you’ll get to do really cool stuff.  You’re gonna have a really awesome life and don’t be so hard on yourself because you’re gonna have a really awesome life.
Be more stoked, be more excited
Let love into your life.  Don’t be so bitter and jaded about romantic possibilities
Other young women are looking at me.  You never know who you are inspiring
There is another happily ever path
Having a happy and meaningful life isn’t just about finding your true love and having babies
Start before your ready because you’re never ready.
You do have wisdom within yourself.
When you flex your intuition muscle and
It takes tenacity even though there are doubts and uncertainty
Learn by doing