Episode 41: Grief, Failure, Surrender, and growth

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In this episode, Alisha open’s up about recent grief, failure, surrender and growth.

Journaling Prompts from Episode 41

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Episode 41 Notes:

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Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  
Strong work Ethic
Snailmail love
Journey of understanding self
Dady’s Girl
The wisdom of making your kids do a sport
Gifts that come with Grief
Seeing a strength and power in my mom
Unconditional Kindness
Being a centrian. 
What if you were to drop dead sooner than you anticipated?
Going into entrepreneurship eyes wide open
Transparency in my truth
The truth that I am living is that I’m up against challenges. 
Going after what is right for you
Knowing when there is nothing that you can do in a certain moment and surrounding into self-care. 
Choose how you want to be in the world
Failure is learning forward
Failure is the foundation for greatness
Failure is setting the foundation for learning forward
Failure is growth