Episode 40: Execute Your Values In Everything You Do

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In this episode, Alisha interviews Elma Hairston about starting with a plan of action, executing your values in everything you do, and being “presence in motion”.

Journaling Prompts from Episode 40

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Episode 40 Notes:

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Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  
Born and Raised in NC
Multiple careers, Banking, sales, Johnston and Johnston, Community service
Make sure that I leave a place better than I found it
Do all I can to have humanity experience all they can
We are not endeavored upon all of our potential because we are afraid. 
There is so much potential out there to be and to have and to do
I can, I will, and I did
Image consulting, customer service training
Book writer
Grooming women and girls
Preparing women to be CEO’s of company
What motivates people to follow
Propel a career to higher heights
Been in business for myself my whole life
Working in the community affords an individual the skills to network
Learn how to leverage and include people who will be beneficial
Have to start with a plan of action
Plan objective strategy
Frustrating getting capital funding
Book: The color of money
We need creative financing for small businesses that are just starting.
As women we don’t talk about capital financing enough
If you’re going into business you have to set your direction, look at your competition and make a plan
Be in the moment, You can’t be somewhere else
We must have a strong value system and execute those values in everything you do.
Your values must come out in your persona
“Presence in Motion is key”
Understand your impact when you walk through a door
Everything you do is strategically engendered
Impeccable image so when people see you they know what to expect
Trust is the confidence that builds and ignites
Walk the walk and talk the talk and show it in your persona head to toe
Subconscious competence
“Engineering a positive response”
Investment shopping, building your wardrobe
Who does she think she is? To quote Oprah “I am so full of myself I am running over and I have enough to give to everyone I meet”
“Some people feel empowered by disempowering others” and if someone is feeling down “lift them”
Sometimes you have to love people from afar
I will not give up until I reach the goal
Am I standing in my way or moving to the next level?  Who am I allowing to stand in my way or create barriers?
Be your own person.  Don’t follow the crowd
Anger is one letter from danger
Abundance is giving back to the community.  

Visit Elma’s Website Here: Dynamic Images
Buy Elma’s Book Here: “Becoming Dynamic: 7 compelling Strategies for Success