Episode 39: Not Living in Regret

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In this episode, Alisha interviews Stephany McMillan about building a community rooted in values, creating space to be yourself, and not living in regret.

Journaling Prompts from Episode 39

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Episode 39 Notes:

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Here are some of the topics we touch on in this episode.  
Regret is a horrible feeling. 
Co-Leading a retreat in Tulum Mexico with Christina Brown and Rebecca Aydelette
Retreating is about being present, connected and fully alive. 
The power of being on retreat for transformation
Yoga instructor
Studio Owner
Fur mom
Rise and Flow open for 4 months
Non-traditional in it’s simplest form to all bodies and all levels
Intention of serving the community in all it’s needs
Wanting a studio that’s a place of safety
Safety is a place where we allow others to be themselves
Allowing a space with room to be yourself
Getting off social media
Connection and networking are helpful
Mission of Rise and Flow: peace, balance, community
Give rise to mindfulness in every aspect of one’s life
Finding networking events that align with Rise and Flow. 
Creating space to fail
Whatever your dream is right now, write it down and make it happen.
If there is something you’re holding in your heart make it happen.