Episode 43: Balancing Feminine and Masculine Energy

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In this episode, Alisha interviews Breanne Gibson about balancing masculine and feminine energy, learning how to connect with our own deep knowing and trusting the uncertainty.

Journaling Prompts from Episode 43

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Episode 43 Notes:

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Harmonize with Nature and feminine nature to access new levels of creativity, resiliency and flow
Joined the military at 17
We as humans can actually live in alignment in nature.
Where we were led us to where we are now
Gut health and soil health and the connection between the two.
Environmental health
No need to empower women because we already are power
Fall in love with the uncertainty
Fall in love with the not knowing at the same time the knowing.
Centering the masculine and feminine
Injured masculine energy
Suppression of the feminine energy
Deep knowing
Trusting uncertainty
Fall in love with curiosity
You’re always masculine and always feminine
The sacred and divine masculine is important too. 
Masculine, stability Strength, focus
Arguing is a sign of injured masculine energy
Surrendering doing energy and learning how to just be
Deliberate surrender to what is. 
Being able to receive is a big essence of the feminine energy
We’re always learning
Gap of community
Choosing how you experience something
Making a conscious choice to be in the world
How our monthly cycle effects our business
Tracking your cycle on your business calendar
Honoring your cycle
You are a women and have a fascinating body
Changing the langue that “It’s just my period”
There’s nowhere to get.
Life is working for you even in the hardest of times. 
Never doubt the knowing within yourself that you’re here to do. 
The society we see is not necessarily the society to be
Never lose connection to nature
Bring ceremony into the day.
Celebrate life through daily ceremony