Episode 44: Put Your Teeth Out

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In this episode, Alisha interviews Ivey Ghee about being comfortable and confident in your own skin, digging deep inside yourself, and putting your teeth out.

Journaling Prompts from Episode 44

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Episode 44 Notes:

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Put your teeth out
Belief that you have to be comfortable in the skin that you’re in
Developing self-confidence
March to your drums and change this world
Motivational speaker and part time host at 1618
NCCJ: National Conference for Community and Justice
Out in the south: Young African American Femal out in the south
How you’re able to take full ownership of the things you do.  Be vulnerable, expose it, find who can help me through it, keep my commitments, be open-minded, empower others.
Take negative experiences and turn them into positives
If you lack confidence, people will question your competence
I get what I give
Smiling is to gain opportunities.
Loving the fact of being able to show you that I’m not what you think of me.
Dig deep inside yourself to find the place of authenticity.
People are always going to understand you, but sometimes you’re gonna misrepresent yourself.
You’re a mean listener and you need to turn into a happy listener.  Get out of your own way.
When behaviors change communication changes
Being a people pleaser is so hard.
Take a moment to digest the bias
A FEEL style leadership
Ask the questions: “Would I like someone to handle me this way?”

F: Fair.  Is it fair
E: Expectations: are they clear, do they know it, do they see it, do they get it.
E: example.  Lead by example, be the example
L: Loyalty:  It creates loyalty.

 Make people feel important
Right: When people feel respected, indispensable
Ownership: Learn to own the things, own it, learn from it. 
Coming to terms with who I am and how I was going to identify.
Everybody at some point has been on the wrong side of history.
Don’t hold a grudge, that’s shortening my life. 
I’ve been able to overcome that hurdle
Meeting my expectations, not giving my power away