Episode 45: The Power of Retreating

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In this episode, Alisha interviews Christina Brown and Rebecca Aydelette about the power of going on a retreat.

Journaling Prompts from Episode 45

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Episode 45 Notes:

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Light filled Power House women
Christina Brown and Rebecca Aydelette
Speaking from truth and authenticity
Retreats show us where change needs to happen in my life
Going on a retreat is such a gift
Little retreats we create for ourselves as well as big retreats
Pivotal moments on retreats
Confirmations that we’re on the right path.
Being able to step away and breath. 
Being in community with folks that are also there. 
Moments of listening to life’s call.
The time to come home to myself
Kimberly Wilson
The details
Sharing space with gratitude
The spirit of Tulum
You are enough
Magic unexpected moments on retreat
Lifetime relationships
Coming to a retreat as you are (which is vulnerable thing to do).  Truting that if there is something pulling you, then there is something there for you.
Lean into the tug.
Let love in
What do we want to let into our lives?
Wanting to bring more women together
The synergy of a group coming together.
It’s never the right time to go on retreat, but you have to decide that you’re worth it.
I can follow through on my dream
I can try something new that I’m totally not sure about.
The retreat is the ripple effect.  It’s a way to effect change
You leave with a tool box
Soul Collage™
“I am one who…?”
“What gifts do you have for me…?”
“What do you require of me…?”
“Do you have any other guidance or wisdom for me today…?”

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