Episode 47: Author Your Life

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In this episode, Alisha interviews Lara Zielin about transforming your life through writing, challenges of entrepreneurship, and being a creative soul.

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Journaling Prompts from Episode 47

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Episode 47 Notes:

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Recording in MI
Writer: I have writing in my heart
Words have been a foundational part of me
Content creator
Publishing has changed
So much more is put on the writer
Author your life
Feeling like a failure
What would make the character happy
You can change how you process, perceive and tell ourselves about what’s happened to us.
We have creative control over what’s happened to us. 
Creativity has the power to change everything.
You have the power to take creative license and apply it to your life.
Write in the 3rd person about yourself to give yourself cognitive distance. 
Access point to getting to know ourselves better
Nobody’s criticizing us as much as we’re criticizing us.
We all need our Sam to help us throw our ring in mount doom
I would never go running without my running buddy
Get a friend, get a mentor get an ally 
Deliberate in cultivating abundance.

 You can Purchase Lara’s book: “Author Your Life” here
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