Episode 48: TeachingHorse Leadership

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In this episode, Alisha interviews June Gunter and Beth Hyjek of TeachingHorse on leadership.

Co-interviewer in this episode is Karrie Jo Manson of Guilford College

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Journaling Prompts from Episode 48

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Episode 48 Notes:

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Founders of TeachingHorse Beth Hyjek and June Gunter
Leadership development for 33 years
Good Things happen when you take risks
When we see people show up… that’s the power the transformation
Embodied experiences
Making the life of the leader sustainable
You have to earn the right to be a leader
Use your attention to make decisions
Make clear decisions
Set clear direction
Set a pace that reflects reality
Be honest with yourself about what you know and what you don’t
A lot of the choices you make are with instinct, not conscious choices. 
Return to freedom www.returntofreedom.com
Horses will reflect to you who you are and how you lead, then you have choices.  You get to choose who you are and how you want to lead.
Congruence is compelling.  When you’re honest with us about who you are and
Your intention we will chose to be with you. 
We are living a story, we’re coming to it every day
The stories we love are the ones we don’t know the ending to
Be okay with not knowing what’s going to happen next
Season of surrender
It’s not touch that equals connection it’s intentional presence
You don’t surrender to things you don’t want.  You surrender to things you do want.
What are you letting go of.
The only way to receive something is to have an open hand.
The power of story is undeniable
Whenever you’re learning something you will learn the limits to it.
You find the path by walking
I had a definition of success that needed to evolve
The problem is when our story stops becoming fluid
Horses make decisions based on reality not on rules
They always find where they are needed
It’s scary to be out front
Shake it off, you be you
Trust, and let go of expectations
How do we keep each other safe?  How do we help each other thrive and how do you play a role in the health, harmony of the herd?
When you are making a choice to lead, ok I need to learn what the people I’m leading need and I need to share what works for me based on my strengths and gifts. 
Part of your role as a leader is redefining what you’re willing to do and what you’re not.
Clarity: Here’s what we need.  Here’s what I can bring today.
Love your herd, be a leader
Kindness, curiosity, play, discovery, presence
Find your own way
We know nothing about what young people’s lives will look like 20 years from now
Don’t give people answers to problems they don’t have
Not knowing is so much for interesting than being attached to an answer that might be wrong
Walk on you own path and try to stay awake

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