Episode 50: Its About Time

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In this episode, Alisha has a conversation with Aminah Lawson salon owner and author of The Time Factor about her core values and staying true to yourself.

Journaling Prompts from Episode 50

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Episode 50 Notes:

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Salon Crie
Textured curly hair salon
Doing hair since she was 13th
Always wanted to do hair
When seasons in your life are changing you get uncomfortable
Wrote a book: “It’s About Time”
Peace, Freedom Authenticity
Three things guide my authenticity
Peace: Calm in the midst of turmoil
Disconnect when needed
Shut off to get to where you can think and see
Freedom is the ability to make decisions and get them done. 
Don’t compare your journey with others.
Your journey is your journey
Authenticity is at my core
Establish your values
You’re your own CEO, you get to set up and decide what that looks like
You can buy the time factor at Aminahlawson.com

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