Episode 51: Radical Sabbatical

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In this episode, Alisha has a conversation with Monica Barnett about using travel to break out of your normal routine to lead a more conscious life of your dreams.

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Journaling Prompts from Episode 51

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Episode 51 Notes:

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Love of fabrics
Working in the apparel industry in textile and fabric design
The Apparel industry is not project runway
Radical Sabbatical
Make a list of the things you do for yourself
Reconnecting with people
Are you moving through life in an unconscious way?
Do you want to lead a conscious life?
What did you want to do when you were in college?
Me Made May
Italy and solo travel, It’s not all pasta and cocktails
Getting out of your routine and out of your comfort zone
Are you in a place where you haven’t done anything to push yourself in a long time?
Traveling: You’re alone with your thoughts a lot.  You’re forced to examine things you don’t want to look at.
Get a good Therapist
Being so closed up in a shell and so comfortable in a routine.
We put so much pressure on ourselves to not be wrong
When we’re wrong it’s a growth opportunity
Mantra: I’m not going through something, I’m growing through.
Break out of your routine
Deliberate daily creativity
It’s so important to do something creative that you can get lost in every day, something you’re not tied to the outcome.
Creativity is everything.
Creativity, you’re giving yourself permission to try
What can I try?
What can I just go for?
Everyone’s creative you just haven’t found the way to express it.
Give Yourself permission to immerse yourself in creative play
Get out something from inside you, but don’t be attached to the outcome
What’s the worst thing that happens if you try?
Change your scenery
Experience new cultures
Getting to hear other people’s stories
We have so much more in common than the things that divide us
making New Connections through travel
Pitching a tent in your own city can feel like an experience of travel
Make a switch to get you out of your routine
Don’t be afraid to turn out off your phone

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