Episode 52: Speaking The Language of Energy

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In this episode, Alisha has a conversation with Spiritualist Sky Bradshaw on spirituality, soul work and speaking the language of energy.

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Journaling Prompts from Episode 52

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Episode 52 Notes:

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Spiritualist: Soul based, core energy based uplifting enlightenment work
Speak to spirits
Speak the language of energy
We are soul residing in a body
Soul is the energy that is us. 
Soul maintenance
Textile art: Sacred Flagging
Spiritual therapist
Spiritual Coaching 
Think about the way you are being in the world
We’re always growing and learning
If you’re not asking questions you’re probably in the ground
The one intensifies the sum
Teaching by Walking together
We are all energy
The Grove
Sally Ann Glassman
If it’s God who sends you on your mission it is he who pays your way
Feel first, act second
What do you want to foster in the little humans around you
What happens with beings who get to make their own soul choices
Book: Energy Medicine: The science of acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and other healing methods by Jill Blakeway (affiliate link)
Learning from suffering is much more difficult if you’re addicted to the action of suffering.  
You can’t have change without change
Don’t Be afraid of the fear
Do not anger at the Donkey for not being a horse
You’re gonna be ok. 

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