Episode 53: Take "NO" with a grain of salt

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In this episode, Alisha has a conversation with author Jessica Moore about fear in creativity, writing, and how creativity is about not following the rules.

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Journaling Prompts from Episode 53

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Episode 53 Notes:

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We met in Yoga Teacher training
Writing a book and completely deleting it
National Novel Writing Month
The power of fear
The power of Accountability
Learning how to write and who I am as a writer
Write and write and write and eventually your voice will become your own
Reading your own work out loud to someone else. 
Having a cheerleader saying this is worth doing, this is relatable. 
Take no with a grain of salt
Published 3 book with a publisher and then going solo on publishing
Wanting creative control
The book is about her but not about her.
Being in the control of the ending was helpful and healing
Every book has one piece I’m emotionally attached to and given a happy ending
Using writing to work out the process of grief
Jess’s books always have a happy ending
Sit down and write
Turn the faucet on
You can’t edit what you didn’t write
Nobody writes a good first draft
Yes, it’s been done before but not by you!
Creativity is not following the rules.
Don’t care what others think of you.
Read what you want, do what you want, don’t listen to people unless they are your cheerleaders.
Visit Jessica’s Website here for more information about her work https://jessbmoore.com

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