It's the little things

Picture Courtesy of Pintrest
Picture Courtesy of Pintrest

"It's the little things" how cliche right?  But OH so true!  Teaching my 5:45am class is not only one of the hardest things I do because it's really difficult to get up between 4-4:30am, but it also happens to be one of my favorite things in the world.  Why?  Because the stillness of the morning is beautiful beyond words.

The stillness of the morning is not tangible, I can't hold it, touch it, or buy it, the only thing I can do is be present for it.  If I wake up that is.

This is why I teach a 5:45am yoga class.  It's not because it's profitable, it's not because lots of people want to come to a 5:45am class, it's because for me that's where the magic happens.  Getting up and getting out of bed for myself in the wee hours of daytime is difficult.  It's difficult and if I'm trying to wake up just for myself, I'll normally flake, but if I'm meeting someone or teaching a class I'll be there.  This is a mind trick I use to get out of bed in the early mornings.  I make myself teach a class, I make myself set an appointment to meet a friend to run or walk for an hour.  This way I know I'll build in time to experience the stillness.

Picture Courtesy of Pintrest
Picture Courtesy of Pintrest

Have you ever noticed if you wake up early to go run before work when it's still dark outside, even if you are working hard, running hard, riding hard, doing hard yoga, you find everything around you in stillness?  It's like magic.  I want the magic of the morning in my life.

What do you do when the bed is warm and inviting to leave it in the wee hours?  What are the little things in your life that you can't necessarily hold, or touch, or buy that bring you utter joy and peace of mind?

Picture Courtesy of Pintrest
Picture Courtesy of Pintrest

For me there are lots of lovely little things that make this journey of life worth it, and I'm trying to keep my focus there.  Life is currently upside down and tumultuous.  Despite that fact I know that if I focus on the little things that ARE truly wonderful, then I can know in my heart center that even in the middle of unpleasant moments there is a light.

Here are a few of my favorite little things 1) The stillness of the morning. 2) Jeans day 3) Four day weekends that start in 8 hours, but who's counting down? ... 4) Teaching Power flow class 5) A warm black cup of coffee 6) My big smelly dog waging his tail looking up at me with his big brown hopeful eyes 7) The Promise of spring and warm weather 8) Road trips 9) A long hot shower 10) Naps

What are your top 10 things that bring you joy? xoxoxox

Contemplating Joy and Happiness

See that smile?  It's a moment of Joy.
See that smile? It's a moment of Joy.

My wish for you is that you feel joy and happiness, that you feel at least feel a little bit everyday. Sometimes, it's hard to find joy or happiness. Sometimes it feels like the joy and happiness is hiding and you might not even have any idea where to look for it.  The consistent bleating daily grind can feel like it's beating you down (I know), but try to find the moments to stop and feel truly present.

Silliness brings joy
Silliness brings joy

Where do I find moments of joy?  Last night for instance, in a warm tiny room full of yoga students, getting to lead them through sun salutations, helping them get a little more in touch with their bodies.  Reminding them that there is joy in the moment, reminding them to smile.  That was my moment of joy yesterday.  Going home at lunch time and giving my dogs little scratches as the wagged their cute tails, that was my moment of joy.

Sisters bring joy
Sisters bring joy

Where do you find moments of joy?  Do they make your gratitude list?  Tell me about what brings you joy.

Gratitude and Shooting Stars

E. Gilbert
E. Gilbert

Yesterday after coming clean to you that I'm not always a being of enlightened sunshine I felt better.  Some times you just need to knowledge the rough patch to be able to move through it.  Don't let your rut become Chronic.

The Quote up above was sent to me via face book from a friend who read yesterday's post.  I think it rings true.  Cultivate your own joy, cultivate your own happiness, it takes work like everything else.

I also found inspiration from Tammy Stroble's Blog post yesterday and I wanted to share with you what I'm grateful for.

1) I'm grateful for the dogs that greet me when I come home

2) I'm grateful for a warm bed to sleep in

3) I'm grateful for my friends who love me and provide me with endless inspiration

4)I'm grateful for my health able body.

5) I'm grateful for morning running

6) I'm grateful for being a yoga teacher and getting to share yoga with my community.

7) I'm grateful for last night's full restful sleep

8) I'm grateful for fruit and veggies that make me feel good

9) I'm grateful for a job that pays me what i need to take care of myself

10) I'm grateful that I have a yoga retreat coming up in April not a teacher training, but an actual retreat for me

My list could go on, but I'll spare you the rest. What are you grateful for today?  I encourage you to take 5 minutes, stop what you are doing and physically write it out.  It will make a difference.

kisses, -Lish

*P.S. Did I mention I saw a shooting star at the end of my 4 mile run this morning?  It was glorious, just like you.