Weekly Wrap Up 01.23.14


Picture by the talented Lindley Battle P.S. she does weddings!

Working on the desires

Seated twist


running on a cold winter day

New Toilet

Weekly wrap Up Worked 27 hours at Lincoln Taught 5 yoga classes 7 days of personal meditation practice 2 days of personal yoga practice 6 days of morning pages  Ran 16 miles worked on studio marketing Made enchiladas with Tumbleweed on saturday evening fun photo shoot with Lululemon saturday bought and had a toilette installed had a lovely brunch with friends had a fantastic massage had an ice-cream cone at ben and jerry's gave two work presentations penned 5 yoga poses for beginners penned The sound of Joy Is worked on writing prompts from The Desire Map by Daielle Laport finished the book How Yoga Works started reading the Love letters between Carl Sandburg and his wife fun wine and cheese evening with leadership GSO friends at Scuppernogs attended a City Council meeting went to Natty's with Leadership GSO friends Weekend Wish Long Run have dinner with tumbleweed spend time with tumbleweed teach yoga at GCY ride my bike take a nap

A writing prompt from Danielle Laporte: The sound of joy

20140122-163209.jpg Alisha's interpretation of the sound of joy: The sound of joy is a pearl of laughter from a small child.  My dog barking in pleasure at something absurd.  The sound of joy is a sigh of ecstasy or the sound of Om after a yoga class.  The sound of joy is the stillness of the forest as well as it's overwhelming noise.  The sound of joy are the birds outside my window chirping in the early morning while I write morning pages and drink coffee.  The sound of joy is my strong steady breath during a personal yoga class or seated meditation.  The sound of joy is a sweaty yoga class with everyone breathing in unison.  The sound of joy is the Ave Maria at a catholic mass after communion.  The sound of joy is my best friend's voice durning a morning walk or tumbleweed's whispers.  The sound of joy is the wind blowing past your ears on bike ride.  The sound of joy is the thump of your heart beat on a run.  The sound of joy is a still summer afternoon that is so hot and muggy you can only hear stillness.  The sound of joy is champagne bottles popping.  The sound of joy is my grandmother's laugh.  The sound of joy is all around me.