Last Wise Women Panel of 2019 and why I think you should join us...

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Have you been wondering what the Yoke and Abundance Wise Women Panel is and why you should go?

How often have you been to a networking event and felt like the only question you’re answering is “and what do you do?” 

How often does it feel like women are thrown together in competitive situations and we’re not sure if it’s safe to tell the strangers around us who we are and what makes us tick? 

I don't know about you, but I'm looking to only spend my time where I know I'll make more meaningful connections with other women who are creatives, entrepreneurs, and seekers.

This panel is designed so that you'll to get to know other women in the triad not just for what they do but also for their opinions and their ideas.

Personally, I’ve curdled on the inside trying to answer the question “and what do you do” at networking events and social functions in the past.  I’ve stood there like a deer in headlights thinking, “I’m so much more than what I do, how can I tell you who I am?”

We're starved for more meaningful connections with each other, we're starved for interactions that build community and celebrate creative women who think abundantly with minds towards how can we help each other grow. 

The Yoke and Abundance panel is designed for anyone who wants to meet other women in Greensboro who are creatives, entrepreneurs and seekers. 

We start with curated “friend-raising” a social experience that even the most introverted woman will love. We don’t do small talk, we dive right in. Don’t worry we even provide thought-provoking questions to get the ball rolling. 

After an hour of friend-raising we introduce a panel of 3-4 women who are doing meaningful work either through a creative endeavor or a business. These women are bright examples, those who are doing something creative and inspiring and living by the motto “we rise by lifting others”. 

At this panel you'll hear from Elma HairstonEmily MorrisRebecca Aydelette, and Nekeshia Wall

You’ll leave with meaningful new connections and inspiration from women who are walking the walk. 

Wednesday September 25th 6:30-8:30pm

You must register in advance and tickets will sell out.

What You’re Getting:
Inspiring stories from creative women
Delicous nibbles from Double Oaks Bed and Breakfast
A few lovely glasses of wine

Come with questions and curiosity.

Where: Double Oaks Bed and Breakfast
When: Wednesday September 25th 6:30-8:30pm 
Investment: $49.99

Register HERE

This Panel is Sponsored by our friends at YAY! Brand

Together We Rise, 

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