Social Designs Presents Bloom Inclusion 2019: Are you registered?

Did you know that one of the core values of Yoke and Abundance is Diversity and Inclusion?  It’s not something I preach through my business, it’s something I plant and try to allow to “BLOOM” through my business.  It’s my intention that Yoke and Abundance will be an organization that exemplifies Diversity and Inclusion through its actions, through it’s way of being in the world.  Sometimes I get it right and sometimes I don’t, but I put a lot of thought and intentionality into what Yoke and Abundance is becoming and who has a seat at the table on the Yoke and Abundance platform.  That’s why Yoke and Abundance is a sponsor of Social Design’s Bloom Inclusion conference that’s taking place October 3rd.

Social Designs founder and Wise Woman Jada Monica Drew and her team chose the word “Bloom” inclusion because “it represents a season of flourishing after the planting season”.  The Bloom team believes that “when people come together with a passion for healthy transformation, innovation, and creativity, growth is catalyzed on an individual and organizational level.  I’m excited to get to be a Creativity Cultivator at the seminar. What does it mean to be a Creativity Cultivator? It means I’ll be talking to participants, observing, sharing experiences of the conference through social media, and taking copious notes throughout the day.

Did you catch the Podcast Interview with Jada about the upcoming BLOOM Inclusion Seminar?